Welcome to Orient Flight School

Learn to Fly Here graphics-reduced“Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. All of it is covered by air.
Isn’t it time you learned how to fly?”

Every day, aviation makes a difference somewhere. For people in need of medical attention. For companies and communities seeking to grow their businesses. Or for people just like you and I, who are finally realizing their dream of learning to fly. Orient Flight School offers custom-tailored pilot flight training solutions so people from all walks of life can pursue their passion for becoming pilots.

And if your goal is the left seat of a major airline cockpit, your timing couldn’t be better. A recent Boeing study has forecast a need for over 450,000 new commercial pilots by 2029 – that’s over 20,000 new pilots a year.

Your creativity and entrepreneurial thinking skills have brought you success in life. Your passion for flying airplanes has brought you here. Together, these unique skills make you the ideal student pilot candidate and together, we’ll turn your dream of becoming a pilot into a reality.

So relax. You’re in exactly the right place, whether you’ve set your heart on an airline career, a corporate jet job, or simply enjoying the freedom and adventure an airplane brings to your business and pleasure travel.

Our flight instruction programs are designed to fit around your hectic life and guide you step-by-step to becoming an aviator. With Orient Flight School you’ll receive…

  • Flight instruction tailored around your busy schedule
  • Flight training lessons certified to FAA Part 141 standards
  • Training in state-of-the-art avionics and GPS moving map technology

When it comes to pilot flight training, we’ve developed an innovative, flexible approach tailored to your specific learning style. Something you’ll get from your first lesson right up to your Private Pilot check ride and beyond. Just what you’d expect from a leader in personalized flight training.

Now, we both know that learning to fly is a big decision, followed by an even bigger commitment of your time and resources. We know you take that decision seriously and so do we. But you’ll never really know for sure until you touch the sky yourself.

So take the next step – a quick 30-40 minute Discovery Flights where you actually fly an airplane, accompanied by one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors.

Trust me, as soon as you take the controls and gracefully move 2,000 pounds of airplane around the sky with just your fingertips – that’s when the real magic happens.

So call today, (786) 309-2359, and experience the Orient difference – between where you are and the pilot you’re destined to become. Your airplane is waiting.

Bryan Shelton
Owner, Orient Flight School